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TDSB High Performance Program

The Pro Teach High Performance Program was started in 2016. The Program is committed to providing the highest quality baseball training to all levels of ability, in a safe and friendly environment, utilizing the best equipment and the highest caliber of coaches.

The Program runs through the school year on the same schedule as the TDSB. Our athletes attend Hollycrest elementary school, and Silverthorn Collegiate. Each school condenses the curriculum to ensure the athlete is getting the appropriate amount of training and classwork to be a thriving student/athlete. Each training day begins at 9am (parent is responsible for getting the athlete to Pro Teach) and ends at either 11am (High School) or 1135am (Elementary school). When training is done for the day the athletes board a bus to school. Parents are then responsible for after school transportation.

Pro Teach is an indoor facility located at 25 Whitlam Ave (Kipling and Lakeshore). It is a 10,000 square foot facility equipped with 2 full batting cages, large turf area, bullpen area, and weight room. The center has been in
operation since 1993 and has been the trusted training center for many organizations since.

Since our program runs through the school year our elementary school athletes receive approximately 360 hours of training per year, and our high school athletes receive around 290 hours. All of this training occurs before
noon, which is a great way for our young athletes to get extra training in that doesn’t affect the other training/games they may have with their teams.

The cost for the program for the 2020/2021 year is $6000 + tax for the elementary students and $5500+tax for High School Students.

Hollycrest High Performance Program

Silverthorn High Performance Program

Pro Teach introduces high performance training

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