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Summer Rep Training

27 Total sessions (sessions to be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week)
Starting Tuesday July 3
Ending Thursday August 30

9 sessions = $180+ tax ($20 per session) *Average 1 per week
18 sessions = $270+ tax ($15 per session) *Average 2 per week
27 sessions = $337.50=tax ($12.50 per session) 3 per week

Payment is due on the first session

Starting at 930am and ending at 1130, the main goal of summer training is to maintain a strength and conditioning program year round. A consistent training program is important for an athlete to make steady improvement year after year. The secondary goal is to allow extra time for the athletes to get more reps and fine tune their baseball skills.

Each training session will begin with a 10-minute warmup followed by a 45 minute strength and conditioning session. After a short water/snack break a 45 minute baseball skill session will take place (not necessarily in that order, sometimes baseball work will precede conditioning).

We have full access to the Pro Teach facilities which include batting cages, gym, the lower field and all equipment necessary.

Strength and conditioning sessions will include various exercises that fall into the category of a general preparatory phase (GPP). These exercises include sprinting, jumping, push ups, pullups, various body weight exercises, carrying objects and throwing medicine balls.

Please email me if you have questions or you wish to hold a spot.

*There will be a maximum of 30 athletes for the summer program, after we have information on all participants we will divide them into groups based on age and ability.

Geoff McCallum, BSc.
Head Coach Pro Teach High Performance
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Etobicoke Rangers


Spots Available
Only 21 spots left!


Start Date:July 3, 2018
Class Size:30
Location:Pro Teach